Peinture Dumoulin
Peinture Dumoulin, 30 years of coating experience!
Peinture Dumoulin realisationPeinture Dumoulin realisation
Dumoulin paint

Historical context

Founded in 1980, the main activity of Peinture Dumoulin began at the time by finishing kitchen cabinets, it became the start of the present company.

In 1982, the company takes off with the beginning of painting and coating on steel entry doors.

After a few years, the painting and coating activities expanded, the original building later was enlarged to accommodate the growing business making room to a PVC and aluminum windows and aluminum extrusions paintshop.

To meet the growing demand, the plant was then enlarged to 27,000 sq feet to accommodate our six new painting rooms plant. In total, more than 25 employees are now part of Peinture Dumoulin team.

The company was awarded the prestigious "Armand Patenaude" award in 2007. "Armand Patenaude" award recipients are leaders of the windows and doors industry, over the years they have contributed to the advancement of the whole industry.

We are proud of our history, our progress and our success. Our years of expertise are reflected in the quality of our work, to beautify, protect and extend the life of your manufactured goods.