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Peinture Dumoulin, 30 years of coating experience!
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Coatings that last

As a specialist in the enamelling of windows and doors, we use FlexacronTM HR liquid paint, a high quality finish and heatproof paint that will last for years to come. FlexacronTM HR is a polyurethane elastomer coating product that has been developed with a pigmented element using a clear and reactive transformation agent. It provides durability, flexibility and forms progressively a protective film against UVs, pollutants, abrasive agents, as well as to protect against acid rains.

FlexacronTM HR has been formulated with selective pigments which reflect the infrared light coming from the sun. This very special feature reduces heat build-up on the exposed PVC surface and the temperature remains rather low to avoid warping and discoloration.

This ensures that the color you choose will remain durable and beautiful for years to come, FlexacronTM HR has been designed to provide the highest performance standards.

Part Prep

We provide a complete service from start to finish, listed below is our standards of operation:

  • Parts to be prepared using a sandblast for lengths of 12 feet or more
  • Masking to specification
  • Priming if required
  • Painting to specification
  • Oven baking to specified time and temperature
  • Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Shipping